What Is Yoga?

Yoga History:
Yoga is the union of our mind body and spirit into one. The word Yoga derives from the ancient Sanskrit language. The meaning of Yoga is the Sanskrit word Yuj. It means to join or come together. It has been present for over 5000 years. It originated in India but is indigenous to all humanity. It was practiced by saints and sages as they trekked throughout the country on long journeys. It was something that gave them inner strength, energy, and stamina to keep going. Patanjali systemized and brought Yoga to the forefront. Here, today in the western world Yoga is still practiced as the common layman tries to find some peace and balance in his life.

There are many branches of yoga. Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. Each is intertwined with one another.

Who can practice Yoga:
Yoga is a way of life, a discipline of the mind body and spirit. It is the answer to all mental, physical and spiritual problems, and voids. Yoga is a universal practice and aid for better health and living, not a religion. It can be practiced by anyone no matter what culture or health background.
Yoga can help you to grow mentally stronger, intellectually inclined, morally stable, spiritually aware, and increase physical strength.

Benefits of Yoga:
Pain management. Lose weight or gain healthy weight. Muscle toning. Increased energy. Increase bone density. Increase blood circulation. Strengthening the nervous system. Anti-aging. Emotional balance. Calm mind. Happiness, Flexibility and more.
Many healthcare practitioners recommend yoga for healing and strengthening the body as part of a pain management program.

Time period programs available for one-to-one
Private sessions are personalized. Catering to your level of fitness. If needed, helping you through yoga postures in a safe effective way. Correcting body alignment, adjusting, and deepening your level of flexibility. As an instructor, having a presence of mind understanding your body’s limitations. With continuous practice, yoga postures will deepen.

Yoga is therapeutic. Connect with your body spiritually. Calm the chatter of the mind and decrease negative emotions.

To have a basic understanding of yoga, breathing and mindset practices. 1-month starter program is recommended.

Contact for office Yoga
Yoga at work is working for you! Improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being whether your job demands you to sit all day or you’re on the move.

We can offer your company a trial yoga session to prove the elevated sense of well-being after just one yoga practice.

Corporate Yoga customers:
TVH Canada Ltd- Mississauga
Children’s Circle Montessori – Brampton

Loblaws head office- Mississauga


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