Charu has guided me into being more in tune with myself and has taught me how to better manage my energy. She’s got out-of-the-world advice that has aided me in growing into a better person. I thought she wasn’t the real deal like most “enlightened” folks that claim to be in another dimension, but that’s definitely changed since i’ve realized how precise and correct ,she is with her advice and answers.

Zain S.Canada

Charu has been providing personalized Yoga and Personal Training to me and my family over the past 14 months. We have searched extensively for a skilled professional with deep background in both Eastern Yoga and Western Personal Training Techniques. Charu has exceeded our expectations and we are on a defined path to achieving our goals and changed lifestyles. We are extremely satisfied with Charu and so much so that we have expanded our relationship with her to provide specialized corporate Yoga offering to my company and associates.

Bush Prakash North America

At the age of 7, I have had experiences that allowed me to pick up on energies around me and I started being able to do readings in my teenager and adult life. I discovered that I cannot read myself for my own life and started to seek guidance from other readers. They where usually inaccurate, over-priced and pessimistic. Charu is the only reader that I have encountered that is completely professional, accurate, warm and optimistic. Usually, I can read readers energies and I absolutely love the feeling that I get from her when she does her readings. She is the best reader that I have ever encountered and the price of her services are very affordable. I cannot thank her enough!


In my teaching career of last 6 years I had taught many students around the globe at Rishikesh which is known as Yoga capital of the world and where many serious yoga aspirants come to seek the real knowledge in its spiritual environment, but I never met with
any serious student like Charu. And she was already a teacher and teaching Yoga. I was surprised that she was so keen to learn more.

She has so much energy that she learned all very quickly. She did Kundalini / Tantra Yoga Courses with us and taken intensive classes and practiced full time. As good students look for good teachers so good teachers also find good students to impart his knowledge to right person for the benefit of humanity. I found all that in Charu.

Vivek B.GaurBharat Heritage CentreRishikesh India

Over the past several months my wife and I have made Charu’s yoga sessions a regular part of our routine. We came to the discipline with only a few preconceptions and limited understanding of yoga and have been pleasantly surprised at it`s contribution to our physical well-being and mental focus. Charu takes no shortcuts and ensures each session is challenging to both newcomers to the discipline and those who make it a regular part of their lifestyle. Her sessions focus the mind and body on advancing our fitness goals and overcoming the stresses of day to day routines. Charu’s holistic approach to fitness, her optimism and her inner calm have kept us coming back to learn more. Thank You Charu!

Norm PorterNorth America

Even before I uttered a word Charu knew what was on my mind, as well as how I was feeling. It’s amazing how easily she was able to tap into my energy, to answer questions I already knew the answers to, but needed clarification around. Many clairvoyants are charlatans, but Charu seems to be the real deal. I will definitely consult her in the future. This was an enlightening way to begin the New Year; I really needed some guidance, and received it:) Thank you Charu!


I’m one of your newer students and want to let you know how much I enjoy working on my chakras. You teach it so easily and explain each chakra in the class. I find that I’m so relaxed at your class I don’t want to leave at the end.

About your book..First let me tell you…I’m an awful reader ..never can finish reading any book. However, I started reading your book, I thought I would read one chapter and put it away…to my surprise your book was so easy to read…I was so tired but the content was soo interesting, I couldn’t put the book down…

Your journey of life is amazing ..not only were you going from different jobs to different countries,..to meeting different people on the way..but my best part was having the spiritual angels getting closer and closer to you throughout your journey….

I have always believed that I have someone watching over me and after reading your book I have realised that I’m meant to go on my journey of my soul …

I’m so happy I met you…and I know it’s not by chance we were meant to meet…I have already started my journey after you awakened the servant….and I look forward to continuing on this journey..knowing that my teacher is always there to guide me when I’m not sure….

Thank you for being the battery that has made my light shine brighter so I can see my path clearly.

I wish you all the best in your journey and you truly are a “MODERN YOGI” and I know that you will be able to help so many “LOST SOULS” find their way..

Thank you
God bless

Alka M.Canada

That reading was just what I needed – thank you for the confirmation and gentle, loving “nudge” from the angels! Very well timed.

Linda BabbNiagara Falls

Charu has been very good student applying priciples of yoga in her pratical life also. I know her personally as my student at the yoga institute at santacruz she has been trained by me in asanas and pranayams and found to be well worth to teach. I hope your work will be very popular

Prabhakar ShirpurkarYoga Institute Santa Cruz, India

As a runner, Yoga is great for stretching and for core body strength. Charu listened to my needs and arranged a program to suit me. My daughter and I started this journey together in the fall of 2009 and we truly enjoy this calm time. We have become more flexible and we can maintain it. We have notice how the strength has progressed. She is beautiful, patient and very knowledgeable.

MariaNorth America