Thank You!


I’m one of your newer students and want to let you know how much I enjoy working on my chakras. You teach it so easily and explain each chakra in the class. I find that I’m so relaxed at your class I don’t want to leave at the end. About your book..First let me tell you…I’m an awful reader ..never can finish reading any book. However, I started reading your book, I thought I would read one chapter and put it away…to my surprise your book was so easy to read…I was so tired but the content was soo interesting, I couldn’t put the book down… Your journey of life is amazing ..not only were you going from different jobs to different countries, meeting different people on the way..but my best part was having the spiritual angels getting closer and closer to you throughout your journey…. I have always believed that I have someone watching over me and after reading your book I have realised that I’m meant to go on my journey of my soul … I’m so happy I met you…and I know it’s not by chance we were meant to meet…I have already started my journey after you awakened the servant….and I look forward to continuing on this journey..knowing that my teacher is always there to guide me when I’m not sure…. Thank you for being the battery that has made my light shine brighter so I can see my path clearly. I wish you all the best in your journey and you truly are a “MODERN YOGI” and I know that you will be able to help so many “LOST SOULS” find their way.. Thank you God bless
Alka M.Canada