Who are my clients

My clients, the busy professionals, who manage and coach other people, who are leaders and wish to stay that way, they also need coaching. They’ve shared it’s important for them to keep shining at what they do best, managing and leading. They recognise mental and physical upkeep cannot be ignored if they wish to maintain strong leadership roles.

Our Promise

Programs are guided with integrity, class, and Modern Yoginess! I’ve been doing this for 13+ years so as your experienced yogi, I look forward to seeing you evolve. You won’t be doing it alone. I’m here to give you a small nudge in the right direction. It’s a supported journey, to help you transform, feel better, gain more success and more.

Online Programs

Easy to follow videos. I personally learn better by watching than reading. So, I kept it simple for you too! Audio/video motivation. Self-guided and guided by me, Charu, your yogi coach. Easy clicks and links to open. Videos can be watched over and over until you feel comfortable to do the exercises on your own.

Is this you…

Busy professionals who need to…

Stay positive, sharp, confident, energetic, and healthy

The concerns you face daily…

Body pain, stress, no time to look after their well-being, a lot of hustling, less sleep, lack of drive to perform, low motivation, less energy, lack of confidence, and weight gain

I’ve created online yoga and breathing programs that are simple, quick, and they work! Maintain the pace in your life, you don’t have to travel far to places like India or leave your commitments to experience a healthy transformation. It’s right here, and convenient for you, once click away, easy user-friendly online programs for you to start your mind-body transformation right now. Life-changing programs.

Breathe Your Way to Better Health- 10-week Online Program

Get the first breathing exercise video for FREE. Improve your life starting today! Breathing heals.

Breathe Your Way to Better Health- Online program value:

  • Feel healthier in just one session
  • Do a breathing exercise that you need RIGHT NOW!
  • Do breathing exercises anywhere anytime
  • One click and begin the program
  • Audio & video-based online program
  • Global Wellness
  • Audio/video motivation
  • Self-guided/Guided
  • At your convenience, time, and place
  • Affordable
  • Easy to follow and user-friendly
  • Continuing success- online program access

Breathing exercises have been practiced for centuries, in the East, India, to heal the mind and body.

Breathing exercises or yogic breathing aka Pranayama, is one of the practices of yoga. Pran-ayama, Prana means life force or energy. Ayama means extension of life and control of breath.

Benefits of Breathing list goes on…!

Everything breathes.. the trees, plants, and YOU! Breathing is equally as important as drinking water. And most people don’t do either.
Here are some amazing past clients. I can’t wait to be a part of your mind-body transformation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Breathe Your Way to Better Health- 10-week Online Program

Get the first breathing exercise video for FREE. Improve your life starting today! Breathing heals.

Terms of Refund.

I agree to the terms of service of this purchase. I am clear within myself to attend this 10-week Breathing Program.

Upon confirmation of my payment, I understand there will be no refunds, but my purchase can be gifted to someone who may benefit from it. Please note all prices shown are irrespective of Ontario tax. Upon checkout 13% HST will be added on the final price.