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[testimonial_wrap] [testimonial]Charu has guided me into being more in tune with myself and has taught me how to better manage my energy. She’s got out-of-the-world advice that has aided me in growing into a better person. I thought she wasn’t the real deal like most “enlightened” folks that claim to be in another dimension, but that’s definitely changed since i’ve realized how precise and correct ,she is with her advice and answers. [client_name]Zain S. – Canada[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial]My reading with Charu was very insightful and inspirational. She has a unique blend of being very direct, compassionate and honest. She is the real deal and I cannot wait for my next reading!! Thank you Charu…[client_name]Anna Perez – Houston Texas, U.S[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial]I called Charu(for a telephone reading) and she was very polite, warm and friendly. She was available right away for my reading. She didn’t ask a lot of question and was bang on with everything, it was absolutely amazing. She gave me guidance and helped with realize decisions I need to make in my life that I was blinded too. There was no judgement and she acted more like a helpful friend then a stranger. I 100% recommend her, as she was so accurate about every single thing going on in my life at the moment. Charu is absolutely the real deal and shes such a sweetheart. I will be getting another reading from her in the future and cant wait to tell my friend about her so she can also get a reading. I’m super happy, and know things will be okay in my life now thanks to Charu. THANKS Charu, YOU’RE AMAZING AND SO GIFTED[client_name]Susan- Kingston ON[/client_name][/testimonial] [testimonial]I went to Charu because I wanted to talk to my mom. Charu is a yoga teacher . And I know that yogi’s are very spiritual people. They have powers and senses that normal people don’t have. I chose her over all the other Mediums because of her yoga background. I trusted her. I was very nervous when I went to her, but I came out very happy and relaxed. I found my inner peace. My mom took her own life and nobody knew why. I found all the answers I was looking for. And I was surprised to see that Charu knew so much about me and my mom. We never met before. It was a unique and very powerful experience. I recommend her to anybody that wishes to talk to the loved ones gone from this world. I learned that you never die, just loose your body. Charu is like a translator between the two parallel worlds, the spiritual one and the flesh one. I can’t wait to go back. Today was the happiest day of my life after the birth of my son. [client_name]Isabela – Brampton[/client_name][/testimonial] [/testimonial_wrap]   A Modern Yogi – A different kinda memoir. Book reviews and ratings. 5 star. Inspiring! By Corrie A Modern Yogi was insightful. I had a reading by Charu and it was amazing. She is pure love. I can see her becoming well known and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her. 5 star. Inspiring read! By Eddie the Aussie The real test of enlightenment in my humble experience, is letting go! Letting go of my ego, and its views of the world and culture I live in. Charu Puri is there! Reading this memoir I have received access to many wonderful insights. The courage she has displayed stepping into this realm is evident in the total exposure she has offered in this memoir. Truly a gift, a delightful read. Thank you Charu for your modeling a way to peace and enlightenment. Blessing, love and light By Alka I’m one of your newer students and want to let you know how much I enjoy working on my chakras.  You teach it so easily and explain each chakra in the class. I find that I’m so relaxed at your class I don’t want to leave at the end. About your book..First let me tell you…I’m an awful reader ..never can finish reading any book.  However, I started reading your book, I thought I would read one chapter and put it away…to my surprise your book was so easy to read…I was so tired but the content was soo interesting, I couldn’t put the book down… Your journey of life is amazing ..not only were you going from different jobs to different countries,..to meeting different people on the way..but my best part was having the spiritual angels getting closer and closer to you throughout your journey…. I have always believed that I have someone watching over me and after reading your book I have realised that I’m meant to go on my journey of my soul … I’m so happy I met you…and I know it’s not by chance we were meant to meet…I have already started my journey after you awakened the servant….and I look forward to continuing on this journey..knowing that my teacher is always there to guide me when I’m not sure…. Thank you for being the battery that has made my light shine brighter so I can see my path clearly. I wish you all the best in your journey and you truly are a “MODERN YOGI” and I know that you will be able to help so many “LOST SOULS” find their way.. Thank you God bless Testimonials- I reached out to Charu regarding her Chakra tuning services. It was my first time and I did not know what to expect. Prior to beginning the process Charu explained to me how she will be performing the tuning and the benefits.  I felt the results right away as it was being done. I was amazed of the feeling I had and continue to feel up until today. I also had a reading done and the information was 100% correct. I felt a sense of comfort and peace with the information she provided me. Charu has encouraged me to follow my intuition and guidance I receive from the universe. I strongly believe that with Charu’s guidance and teachings I will continue to blossom spiritually and become the individual I was meant to be. Cara – Brampton ON. Even before I uttered a word Charu knew what was on my mind, as well as how I was feeling. It’s amazing how easily she was able to tap into my energy, to answer questions I already knew the answers to, but needed clarification around.  Many clairvoyants are charlatans, but Charu seems to be the real deal. I will definitely consult her in the future. This was an enlightening way to begin the New Year; I really needed some guidance, and received it:) Thank you Charu! Nicole- Toronto ON. I just revisted your website! You are the 3 S’s. Smart, sexy, S psychic. Jim- Canada Charu is a fabulous psychic. She is kind and compassionate with her approach. But tells you what you need to know. She is excellent at reading the people in your life and seeing if they are healthy for you. She can tell you about career, big moves, travel, and relationships. Thanks for all your support Charu! Alex- Toronto ON. Thank you so much. I loved your reading. I felt like I was talking to a “regular” person. It wasn’t too psychicy. Lol. Tachia- Toronto ON. Charu did deep stretch relaxation on me. I never had an experience like that. It felt like an out of body experience. Absar- Mississauga Hi Charu sis, I read you book, you rock it. ENjoyed the book and I’m reading it for the second time, to have a better understanding and cherish each page of the book. My collegue has actually bought your book after my recommendation. So far, he seems to enjoy it as we do discuss about your book. Ann Pallis- Australia                  

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