Charu says, “we can all be AMY – A Modern Yogi. Find the best YOGI within you.”

Someone who practices Yoga. A person who is aware of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of well-being.

Charu takes ancient, tried-and-true Yoga practices and makes these routines easy for anyone to do, anywhere. Prior to getting into health and wellness, she was an aspiring actress where physical and mental upkeep was crucial. Awareness of growing and maintaining these aspects transpired easily in the work she does now.

With over a decade of practical experience in guiding individuals and companies in natural healing, Charu shares the numerous benefits of Yoga that is not only for physical health but for exercising the mind as well.

She has been acknowledged for her Yoga initiatives by the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne.

Over the years:

  • Had a yoga show in the UK called ‘Breath of fresh air’.
  • Been featured on the front cover and 6-page layout in a South Asian magazine called ‘Kismet’
  • Wrote a book selling on Amazon called ‘A Modern Yogi- a different kinda memoir’ She says, “I wrote it because my life went from aspiring actress to yogi. From entertainment to enlightenment she casually likes to say:)
  • Written a few articles in Elephant Journal,  a well recognised online magazine.
  • Been an exhibitor at many health & wellness shows- Canada.
  • Participated in women’s wellness groups as a breathing guide, exhibitor, and speaker at times.
  • Provides on-site yoga and breathing exercises for staff/employees. One of her regular clients The Running Room.
  • Worked with a Chiropractic Wellness Centre- Justine Blainey Wellness Centre. Providing breathing exercises for their seminar groups.
  • Volunteered at the Lung Association of Canada: Conducted Yoga and breathing exercises for their special program.
  • Volunteered at the Toronto Western Hospital, Pulmonary Dept. Conducted Yoga and breathing exercises for their special program of 50 people.
  • Been a sponsor for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian relief organization.
  • Been a mental health advocate for the CMHA- Canadian Mental Health Association


The Yoga Institute.
Santa Cruz Mumbai, India

Testimonial from Yoga Institute: “Charu has been very good student applying priciples of yoga in her pratical life also. I know her personally as my student at the yoga institute at santacruz she has been trained by me in asanas and pranayams and found to be well worth to teach. I hope your work will be very popular.”

Prabhakar Shirpurkar- Yoga Institute Santa Cruz, India



Dayaram Institute of Holistic Healing & Sciences-Bharat Heritage Services.
Rishikesh, India

Testimonial from Dayaram Institute of Holistic Healing & Sciences- Bharat Heritage Services:

“In my teaching career of last 6 years I had taught many students around the globe at Rishikesh which is known as Yoga capital of the world and where many serious yoga aspirants come to seek the real knowledge in its spiritual environment, but I never met with
any serious student like Charu. And she was already a teacher and teaching Yoga. I was surprised that she was so keen to learn more.

She has so much energy that she learned all very quickly. She did Kundalini / Tantra Yoga Courses with us and taken intensive classes and practiced full time. As good students look for good teachers so good teachers also find good students to impart his knowledge to right person for the benefit of humanity. I found all that in Charu.”

Vivek B.Gaur- Bharat Heritage Centre, Rishikesh India


A Modern Yogi – is a Canadian Yoga Alliance Registered & Certified Yoga Business. CYA- RYB


An email from the Premier of Ontario
Thank you very much for contacting me. I appreciate your taking the time to write and your willingness to share your thoughts.

When it comes to building opportunity for the people of Ontario and securing our province’s future and well-being, my colleagues and I want to hear everyone’s voice and listen to everyone’s input. That is why I am grateful for your ideas and suggestions.

I welcome your future comments, and offer you my best wishes.

Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario


A MODERN YOGI- Member of Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce


Certified yoga and breathing instructor and Chakra balancing instructor for over 13 years. Clairvoyant/Intuitive reader. Author. Trained in India, Charu has spent a decade helping people from around the world to find their path towards self-knowledge. She provides personalised attention so you can meet your health and wellness goals.

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