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A Modern Yogi – A different kinda memoir

Charu’s first encounter with the “other side” was at age three when she floated. Her gifts lay dormant until sixteen. But after the tragic loss of her older brother, miraculous events began to occur, one after the other. The grief over the loss of her closest confidant sparked something inside of her and as the years rolled on, unnatural phenomena continued to occur to her. A mouse, would stop and stare at her, as if waiting for her to communicate or acknowledge him.

This was only the beginning.

As her family moves to Vancouver, spiritual guides begin to seek her out in the forms of a neighbor or a man she meets in Toronto. But Charu is not ready for the yogi within to come alive. Instead, she seeks out earthly fulfillment, taking on odd jobs to pay for her acting classes. She, then, travels to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming a Bollywood star, when her mysterious gifts begin to get in the way. A modelling gig leads her to a holy place. Jesus finds her again while dancing. Something clearly has other plans for Charu.

This is the evocative life story of Charu, a young Canadian-Indian woman, who travels from Winnipeg Canada to India to enlightenment. Her story is that of a remarkable young woman, a regular girl turned clairvoyant, who communes and channels the astral realm–but it is, perhaps, the story of us all along life’s journey.

Charu has plans, but the universe laughs.

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About Me

My life has been a plethora of experience. I’m your Yogi coach, I’ll to show you how yoga and breathing exercises is a life-changing experience.
From aspiring actress to Yogi. My direction in life went from entertainment to enlightenment.
I have a lot to share. I will help you to better manage your mind-body wellness through yoga practices.

What is a Yogi? A person who’s always aware of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of well-being.

We can all be AMY- A Modern Yogi. Find the best yogi within you.

Love and light,
Charu Puri

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