Breathe your way to better health with Pranayama

Pranayama- aka breathing exercises, is one of the practices of yoga. If we break down the word, Prana means life force and Ayama means control. So controlling our life force which is our breath.

Breathing exercises overview:
Instant results in one session. Learn to control your emotions and thoughts with breathing exercises.

With breathing exercises learn to work with your emotions, handle stress, control anger, gain more energy, be more positive. The list really does go on…!

Everything breathes.. the trees and plants and YOU! Breath is as important as drinking water. And most people don’t do either.

You will learn either or both therapeutic and dynamic breathing exercises depending on what your needs are.

Extra oxygen to entire body enriches the blood which is the basis for the entire body’s health system.

More benefits of Pranayama: (Breathing exercises)

      • Weight loss
      • Control Asthma
      • Control COPD
      • Increase nerve growth factor
      • Oxygenation of body cells
      • Enhances heart health
      • Boosts immunity system
      • decrease hyperventilation
    • Remove toxins
    • Anti-aging
    • Improved mood increased serotonin
    • Sound sleep
    • Purifies blood
    • Cool calm mind
    • De-stress
    • Think clearly
    • Prevention of diseases
    • Longevity of life
    • Control diabetes
    • Pancreas gets activated
    • Emotional control
    • Cheerfulness
Increase lung capacity
    • Breathe better through nasal passage
    • Sinus under control
    • Stop hair loss
    • Youthful ageless complexion
Increased energy
Improve digestion
    • And more…!

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