Chakra Balance


One of the seven major psychic centres aka energy channels or chakras. Relating to different aspects of the human being. Starting from the base of
the spine and proceeding to the top of the head.

Chakras are a vortex of energy within the body. Drawing energy on a vibratory level. They are the computer system of the soul. Chakras draw in energy and also radiate it out.

Chakras govern over major organs and glands that resonate same frequency.

Chakra colours are the spectrum of the rainbow. If you take pure white light and shine it through a prism you get all the colours. We are also pure white light.. Each colour has it’s own vibration.

Combo- 1 Chakra read and balance session $85

OR each session separately:

Chakra Reading $50

30min session

Chakra Balance $50
30 to 45min session
4 Chakra balancing sessions- $160
To have a basic understanding of chakras. 4 sessions are recommended.

*Please note I also accept eTransfer ( SAVE money via eTransfer payment.

For global clients Chakra practice can be done over Skype.

Chakra read

Find out where you have energy blocks within the psychic body. When energies get blocked it makes life difficult in many areas like money, career, relationships, health etc. Re-tune balance the chakras.

Chakra balancing/tuning

Learn how to sense chakra energies and what they mean. Chakra balancing sessions are of a meditative nature. Sitting on a yoga mat or cushion. Guidance will be given on each chakra (psychic centre). This practice will get you asking questions about YOU. It’s a good thing. Working on chakras connects you deeper with yourself. It also aligns you with your purpose on earth. Therefore impacting ‘materially’ everything you do. So come with an open mind – “out of the box thinking!” Sometimes we need to let go of logic so we can experience the greatness of energies that are silent within.

Benefits of Chakra balancing:
Discover more about yourself ~ Clear out negative emotions ~ Live your truth ~ Find your hidden gifts ~ Gain an overall sense and awareness of physical emotional mental and spiritual well being ~ Become open minded ~ Increased knowledge ~ Channel creativity ~ And more…

Chakra balancing- the practice:
Find out where each chakra sits within physical body ~ The feeling you pick up from each chakra ~ acknowledge chakra colours ~ chant simple mantras ~ affirmations on each chakra.

The sessions are conversational as well. We will talk about how and what you’re feeling.

Please avoid wearing scents during sessions. We want to keep the air we breathe clean and healthy.

For global clients Chakra practice can be done over Skype.

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